At Zaidy's the consistency and the quality of the food we serve is our primary concern, We take pride in serving food that consistently exceeds of customer's expectations, ensuring that we deliver quality each and every time.

At Zaidy's, we know the only way to create the finest quality product is by using only the very best ingredients. We will never compromise the quality of our ingredients for a less expensive alternative. Our maxim for maintaining our high quality is quite simple, we always use the best fresh ingredients.

From the delicious first bite to the very last, you'll taste the difference that goes into everything we serve. Take comfort in knowing that when you choose Zaidy's, You'll receive simply the best.

We look forward to serving you today and many times in the future.

Delivering Until 3.00AM Fridays & Saturdays

1.00AM Sunday - Thursday

We are happy to accept the following credit cards. Sorry, we do not accept cheques or £50 notes

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